Veterinary X-Ray Processors




AFP Mini-Med 90

A quality x -ray film processor built and priced to make in-house film developing cost-effective for veterinary hospitals





Micro-MAX 1440 Processor

The Hope MicroMAX cold water film processor is value priced to ideally serve the moderate use facility. This is an ideal US made processor for veterinary clinics and facilities. It may be set up to process at 90 seconds, 112 seconds or 135 seconds (recommended) leading edge to leading edge





AGFA CP 1000

The AGFA CP1000 is a compact and lightweight film processor that is ideal for low-volume processing or back-up purposes. The CP1000 automatic film processor is very easy to use thanks to automatic temperature control and drying. Its compact size and light weight reduce installation costs.





Konica SRX 101A

Konica Minolta continues to combine state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities with a strong commitment to research, development and quality control in every product that we sell. The current SRX processor line remains an example of this ongoing commitment to workflow efficiency and imaging excellence.

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